Friday, August 8, 2008

August 08, 2008 Birthday Girl

Well, Jean, my sister is lucky today. She is celebrating her birthday on 08/08/08. She said she also celebrated on 08081988. The Asian and Chinese say this is a great day with 8's. Good Luck. They even started the olympics on this day at midnight their time our time was 8am. I think. Well, here we are celebrating at breakfast at Perkins again...Another sister, Dianne celebrates on Monday. Now Jean is off to the mountains with her husband for the weekend. I think Dianne is off to Myrtle Beach with her husband. What fun! Celebrate now for tomorrow might never come! Darlene ,Calvin's sister, is next on the 13th!

Brodey at Grandma and Poppop's home in Aug 08

Here is Brodey. Growing and starting to crawl. If you go to their you tube you will notice him climbing up stairs. Grandma Tommie brought back some ears for him from Colorado. They love Mickey.

Bee City, SC

Jeffrey and his cousin Michael Aikman had fun at Bee City near Cottageville, SC about 30 miles from Charleston, SC.NW of Charleston. We also found the bench that was in remembrance of Kasey Heger who died last yr their cousin of SC. It was so much fun to go and we are ready to go again. Did not see bees but lots of honey and animals. Hot day. about 99. HOT!

More Colorado Pictures

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Colorado visit

Well, I got to fly out to Colorado and visit with our grandchildren. What fun. I arrived on Steven Weatherspoon's birthday and we had a cookout at Gammy's home. Missy, Leroy, Elaine, Audrey, Wanda, Genny, Ronda, Becky, and cousins more came to the cook out. We had lots of food and the cousins seem to enjoy each other. Lots of popcicles were eaten and freezer door froze from being opened so much. All is well, because Stephanie and I thawed it out with a hair dryer...well it worked.

We went to the city park pool, rides, and to the Denver Natural History and Science Museum then off to Casa Bonitos on Colfax. I can not believe it was still there. We raised the Provost children there and now grands and cousins are coming. We had a great time meeting with Melanie with her children and Shauna and her children and others. We did not lose any children this time. I watched the purses and other things such as the sopiapillas and they were not lost either but most ended in my belly. haha....with honey on them. (fried dough hollow in center cut corner and pour in the honey. I did order more for the others so they could have some too. After that the Weatherspoon family went to visit their other cousins in Colorado and I went back to Pueblo. I enjoyed visiting with Leroy and Elaine, Audrey and Darlene. I am sending some pictures for all to see what fun we had.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Summertime in SC

Well, we are busy canning tomatoes, freezing squash, beans, onions, and anything we can. Prices are so high and my garden is so small that I had to find fields to go pick from. Last weekend on the 4th Uncle Burley (mother's brother) and my sisters Jean and Dianne went tomato picking. There were so many tomatoes in that field. I wish we had more boxes. The owner says that with all the rumors about samonella he did not sell or ship as many tomatoes as he wished. They are so good and man it was hard to leave that field. I survived! We were so dirty and hot. Weather was in the 90's before we left there. Edisto Island is about 35 miles from Charleston. It was a nice ride and we got to remember things of long ago. Our grandparents lived at Edisto Island and raised watermelon and beans and other veggies on their 50 acres. As a child I visited there often for any birthday so we could be together as a family and have fun with cousins. Great memories!

The weather is warm here, hot. Hurricane Bertha is in the ocean but it does not seem a threat so we are getting a practice run of the hurricane season with this one. Man, watch it turn and hit near us....! Prayers are appreciated.

Brodey is growing and pulling himself up on things. David and April have a youtube site but I am not sure what it is. Brodey is on there. He says hi, and other things we don't understand. He is doing great sign language since April is a teacher in this area.

Jeffrey is going in the 3rd grade at a new school for Science and Math. It is a magnet school for these subjects. Felicia and I visited it and it seemed so wonderful and almost all the teachers have master degrees in teaching.

Calvin and I bought a boat but it is a fixer upper. Calvin is doing a great job and I do a great job watching. I did hold a seat for him one time. I sure he is ready to go out in the river next week.

I am flying out to Colorado next week July 14 to enjoy our grandchildren. Calvin and I hope to go back out Sept or October again. I am not sure. He is trying to work hard with the fuel prices going up so high. Diesel went up 20 cents since Sunday night here. I am sure it is that way everywhere. We have not hit 4.00 yet but I am sure it is coming. We see most of the country is already there. We have a reunion the end of Nov 2008 at Disney World for the Provost family.

Ronnie and David started new jobs. Ronnie will be building airplanes and David went to work for FedEx/Kinkos copier and fax company, etc.. Great benefits for them both. We are so happy for them.

Robert is working and will start school again in September to finish Physical Therapy Asst.

Pictures will be coming! I forgot where I put my camera charger....Help...Brainfreeze...

Friday, March 28, 2008

Flowers in Charleston, SC

I know some of you family members have had snow and cold weather. We wish we could pick you up and bring you here for a day or two. We surprising are having great weather. It might rain some tomorrow but it will still be in the high 70's. Hope everyone is great. Jeffrey is staying with grandma Tommie and PopPop tonight for the final days of spring break. It has been a great time for him and all his family! PopPop and Grandma Tommie hopefully will be heading to Iowa in April for the baptism of Lizzy! Can't wait to see all the grandbabies! Here are the flowers!